Who, disguised as an average everyday non-profit in a small Midwest county fights the unending battle for truth, justice, and the American way?  Yeah, it’s us…the Community Foundation of Grant County.  We’re not faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, or able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, but we can do lots of other impressive things.

Our Business Model is our Superpower

Our superpower lies in the basic business model of all community foundations.  It involves a three-pronged approach of Asset Development, Community Leadership, and Grantmaking.  Asset Development happens over time and building substantial endowment funds for our community is our greatest strength.   But, assets alone don’t solve problems.  That’s why we must also serve as a community leader.  We understand that donors want us to help solve some of the community’s greatest problems.  We realize that the cycle of giving begins with the donor through the Community Foundation.  But, our investment in problem-solving solutions provides donors a reason to give again and again.  We know we can’t do this work on our own.  We need leaders.  We need donors. And we need to leverage our most powerful weapon to make it all happen…grantmaking.

The Secret Sauce

One might ask, “How is it that Community Foundation continues to grow, yet gives millions out in grants on an annual basis?”  Well, it’s our secret sauce—which isn’t really a secret or a sauce...it’s simply a solid community foundation strategy.  You see, our endowed contributions are never spent, they are endowed forever.  Forever.  That allows us to take those endowed gifts and permanently invest them to produce income.  That income allows us to make substantial grants in our community annually forever.  That’s right, the Community  Foundation will improve Grant County by making grants annually.  Forever.  Over the last year, your Community Foundation has awarded $2.3M through our grantmaking efforts.  This is how our donors make Grant County a great county!

Grantmaker, Grantmaker, Make Me a Grant

As we produce income from our investments, we are able to help meet the community’s charitable needs through scholarships and grants.  And, ultimately, our donors choose how those grants are made by donating to a variety of funds:  Donor-Advised, Designated, Agency, Scholarship, Field of Interest, and Unrestricted.  Each fund type has an established purpose and the income from each fund benefits the purpose stated in the donor’s legal fund agreement.   Below we’ll show you how our ordinary donors are doing extra-ordinary things through the power of their community foundation funds.  With $2.3 Million in grants made last year, you’ll quickly see how that secret sauce really does work!  


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