Marion High School Alumni Association - Crowdfunding Grant

The Marion High School Alumni Association has been selected to potentially receive a crowdfunding grant. 

They have been challenged to raise $20,000 in 60 days. If they reach that goal, the Community Foundation will match those dollars for Marion Giant marching band uniforms.

The Marion Giants Marching Band Uniforms is a long-standing tradition with a resurgence in growth and enthusiasm. The last time Marching Band uniforms were purchased was in the early 90's. Marching Band uniforms are expensive to make because of their heavy duty design and the limited amount of companies who make them. The material and build of the uniform are designed to last for 20 plus years. By us purchasing them now is not only a need for our sustainability for the next 20 plus years but our incredible feeder system and education synergy from the Intermediate school of Justice to our Junior high school at McCulloch to our High School at Marion also helps our sustainability. The teachers and musicians work collectively together to build an inspiring atmosphere for our youth and with their passion and success rate, the sustainability of this program is in tack.

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 $ 4,555.00

Goal:  $ 20,000.00
Days Left
Funding type:Fundraising Campaign

This project will receive all of the funds Donated by 2018-06-17.

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