Main Street Fairmount Civic Improvement Fund

Fund Purpose:
The purpose of this fund is to provide support for civic improvements in Fairmount, Indiana.

Fund Story:
Culture Capital seems an unlikely title for a small Indiana town, but that was the title given Fairmount in an article from July 30, 1950 in the Indianapolis Star Magazine. While exhibiting all the trappings of a typical small town, the article states that “Fairmount is the type of town that makes Who’s Who a massive volume.” As incredible as it seems, at that time, “for every 230 persons in Fairmount, one was listed in the Who’s Who”. In other words, Fairmount populated the Who’s Who listing at an astonishing rate that was 14 times the national average.

The list of notables included famous authors, artists, educators, including three college presidents, scientists, inventors and prominent businessmen, plus the likes of Captain David L. Payne, founder of the state of Oklahoma, and Bishop Milton Wright, father of Wilbur and Orville Wright, the inventors of the airplane. As if that wasn’t impressive enough, at the time the article was written four more future Fairmount luminaries were on the horizon. They included a soon-to-be movie icon, James Dean, who was a recent Fairmount High School graduate and still unknown at that time. Additionally, future CBS news television correspondent, Phil Jones, and the future Director of the National Hurricane Center, Bob Sheets, were both in elementary school. And Jim Davis, creator of the Garfield comic strip was only 5 years old.

Fairmount is a rarity with a rich and unique history. Failure to recognize and conserve that legacy would be an immeasurable loss to all Hoosiers.

The fund is dedicated to the restoration, preservation, and economic revitalization of the Fairmount Community with the focus primarily on the downtown area. Projects will include, but not be limited to, sidewalk replacement, lighting, building facades, streetscapes, etc. while maintaining the original character of the town. Proceeds from the fund will be used either to leverage grant monies for specific projects or be used directly, depending on the particular situation. The intended results are the preservation of our rich history, an enhanced quality of life for our residents, and a heightened experience for our many guests. James Dean is undeniably a huge part of our history and each year Fairmount hosts thousands of Jimmy’s fans, including numerous international visitors who come from great distance at considerable expense, to honor that part of our history. They want to be where Jimmy was and experience the town as Jimmy experienced it, and all due care and consideration will be given in order to provide them with a truly memorable and authentic experience.

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Main Street Fairmount Civic Improvement Fund

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