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The purpose of the fund is solely to support the building and restoration of God's House Church, located at 216 W 6th Street in Marion, Indiana.

Fund Story:

One of the oldest church buildings in central Marion is long overdue for a renovation, and the congregation occupying it is seeking funding opportunities to return it back to its original state.

Built in 1904 as the First Presbyterian Church, the building now known as God’s House Ministries, 216 W. Sixth St., has suffered water damage and other issues over the past decades, prompting the congregation to take action.

“There’s been a lack of maintenance for a number of years,” said church member Tim Andrews. “We have a variety of issues that we’ve identified that we’re actively pursuing getting fixed.

God’s House purchased the facility in 2001 after First Presbyterian left. Built from blue limestone quarried locally, the building reflects a Late Gothic Revival style, Andrews said. The building’s Columbus, Ohio-based architects also designed the Carnegie portion of the Marion Public Library and the former Grant County Jail.

The church has maintained its original pews, made from red oak harvested locally, as well as its massive, original stained glass windows on the north and south ends of the sanctuary, depicting a young Christ among doctors, as described in the Gospel of Luke, and Christ with the young, rich ruler, as described in the Gospel of Matthew.

A newer stained glass window on the east side of the sanctuary, titled “The Reformation,” was built in 1954, along with a small addition to the building.

Over the years, water has seeped through the exterior stones and caused sections of plaster to erode throughout the building. Exterior windows also must be resealed and painted, according to head pastor D.J. Ikeler, and the stairs leading to the main entrance alsoneed to be replaced.

Coordinating with Indiana Landmarks, church members plan to partake in Sacred Places Indiana, a new program to help preserve historic places of worship, Ikeler said. The yearlong training program teaches members of old churches how to fundraise outside their congregations and develop strategies to save their buildings.

The congregation at Marion’s Gethsemane Episcopal Church, built in 1890, was among the program’s first participants.

God’s House has also completed the first phase of an application to be placed on the National Register of Historic Places – a designation which would open the door to several grant opportunities, according to Andrews.

In the year since he becameheadpastor, succeeding church founder Ryan McCarty, Ikeler said he has considered moving the congregation to a new building but ultimately decided against it.

“How do you recreate an atmosphere of a church?” he said. “I’ve never brought someone in for the first time whose jaw doesn’t drop. The awe you get in this building – you can’t recreate this. You couldn’t build this building again.”

Furthermore, Ikeler said the church must be good stewards of the building God has provided them.

The building and locationisalso integral to the church’s mission to reach downtown children and families, and leaving the 17,000-square-foot structure vacant could have a negative impact on the surrounding neighborhood, Ikeler said.

The total cost for fixing water damage and exterior windows, however, is unknown at the moment. Tearing out and replacing the entryway steps, which the church plans to do within the next three months, will cost about $10,000.

Another $7,000, Andrews estimated, will go into making some electrical repairs. In all, Ikeler said it may cost nearly half of a million dollars to get the church back to its original state.

For Andrews, it’s worth it.

“This building – just the magnitude of this building – it’s worth saving,” he said. “Whatever it takes, this building deserves to be saved.”


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God' s House Building Restoration Project 

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