Little Giants Preschool Fund

Fund Purpose:
The purpose of this fund is to support the Little Giants Preschool Program located here in Marion, Indiana.



Fund Story:
This fund was established to provide matching dollars the Early Education Matching Grant for which Little Giants Preschool is applying.


Little Giants Preschool Mission

"Collaborate to Educate"

Belief Statements:

  • Play is the way children learn naturally. It helps them to develop in all areas.
  • An appropriate early childhood learning environment is safe and includes many hands-on experiences that invite children to investigate, learn, and share.
  • Teachers must use a wide range of teaching strategies, including both child-initiated learning and teacher-directed activities.
  • All children, including those with special needs and second language learners, can benefit from a developmentally appropriate preschool program.
  • When families are an integral part of a school program, children's self-esteem and achievement are enhanced.
  • Social/emotional readiness is critical to children's success in school and in life and should therefore, be a main focus of the preschool program.
  • A print-rich environment that allows children to practice literacy skills in real-life experiences, along with purposeful teaching of key concepts, is the foundation of literacy learning in preschool.



Fund Impact:
Little Giants Preschool Students 

Contact Community Foundation of Grant County

505 West Third Street
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 $ 153,436.94
Funding type:Fundraising Campaign

This project will receive all of the funds Donated by 4099-08-14.

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