L. Hewitt and Amelia Carpenter Fund


Fund Purpose:

The purpose of this fund is to provide income from the fund to citizens, projects and organizations, including charitable organizations, domiciled, doing business or active in Grant County, Indiana.

Fund Impact:


Pick-A-Charity Golf Scramble

Swing of Faith

Upland Pupland

Grant County Special Olympics

Crossroads Opera

Family Service Society

Le Royce Howell VFW Post 6728

Mad Anthonys Children's Hope House

Main Street Marion 
Marion Community School of the Arts (CSA)

Marion High School HOOAH Parent Booster Club

Gilead Ministries

Grace House for Transition and Recovery
St. Martin Community Center


Robin L. Allison  Deborah A. Garriott  Amanda Moore 
Kyla D. Althouse  Tara B. Gibson  Rebecca A. Moore 
Amanda M. Armes  Rachel M. Goins  Abby R. Moriarity 
Kelsey A. Baird  Samantha Greentree  Kelly M. Morris 
Sara E. Bartley  Margaret E. Gruendyke  Stephanie Neace 
Tess Berglan-Shafer  Alyssa Guebert  Arrica R. Newsom
Misty Berry  Jillann Gustaveson  Audrey Niverson 
Richard Bilbee  Elizabeth D. Hall  Bradley Norris 
Rachael Bingham  Gretchen J. Hart  Taylor O'Banion 
Crystal J. Blackmon  Kyle A. Herman  Kevin O'Brien 
Danielle Bragg  Derek A. Herring  Amy L. Osborne 
DeVonda K. Bragg  Adam Hiatt  Jessica Petro 
Mitchell L. Bright  Jason M. Hiatt  Jed D. Puckett
Stephanie R. Brobst  Maleah Hillman  Jessica A. Rich 
Collin Brown  David M. Hillsamer  Karalynn Roll 
Renee E. Brozo  Kate E. Holderman  Karin Schonbachler 
Jennifer L. Burritt  Lloyd Justin Hughes  Katie N. Scott 
Chrystal Carey  Danielle Jochem  Tessa Shafer 
Angelica M. Chestnut  Amanda Johnson  Jamie L. Shaffer 
Charlene M. Cooper  Jennifer Johnson  Johnathon Shaw 
Abigail Corn  Nicole N. Johnson  Amanda L. Shinholt 
Andrew J. Coulter  Eric Jones  Blair Skinner 
Jeri N. Cox  Rebekah E. Jones Amy R. Smith 
David A. Culley  Andrew Kelly  Jamie A. Snyder 
Alyssa K. Curfman  Eric R. Kimmel  Tiffany L Spencer 
Todd Dailey  Mary Knotts  Laura Springer 
Rebecca Davis  Matthew S. Kory  Ronald L.Stevens 
Rebecca Davis-Durovey  Chelsea Lane  Breanne Stitt 
Nathan Deaver  Lisa J. Lee  Caleb F. Strand 
Joy Decker  Ashley Lewis  Heather Swarts 
Timothy H. Decker  Olivia C. Lewton,  Drew A. Swyers, 
Jennifer R. Dickey  Rebecca Luckey  Sarah Thompson 
Daniel E. Durkes  James M. Mack  Amanda M. Thornell 
Molly Eagleson  Kayla M Mack Matthew A Tippner
Nathaniel R. Ehresman  Natasha K. Maddox  Elizabeth A. Turner 
Matthew Elkins  Micaela D. Martin  Kyle A. Turner 
Michelle L. Enyeart  Megan L. McAdams  Trinna Turner 
Drew Evans  Craig M. McLaughlin  Chanelle M. Vetor 
Ashley A. Everett  Ben McManaman  Maegen Warner 
Alex T. Ferree  Keren McPhearson  Lindsay A. Winstrom 
Michelle A. Fisher  Carly Milford  Tara N. Yanis 
Katelyn Fowler  Andrea G. Miller  Katelyn B. Young
Amy M. Francis  Jacob K. Miller  Bradley Belcher
Michael R. Frantz  Wendy L. Miller  Korbett O'Banion
Rebekah Freemyer  Brianna J. Monroe  James O'Connell
Bradley Belcher   Korbett O'Banion


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 $ 795,841.41
Funding type:Community Impact

This project will receive all of the funds Invested by 4099-08-03.

The impact amount listed above shows the amount that has been awarded back into the community since this fund was established. Donating to this fund increases the impact of its charitable initiative and grantmaking abilities. Impact amounts may not be up-to-date. Please contact us with any questions.

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