Carey Services - Shirley Jeanne Luce Fund

Fund Purpose:
The purpose of this fund is to provide support to Carey Services.


Fund Story:
Carey Services began in 1954 because of the efforts of people with disabilities and concerned citizens of the community who desired to provide opportunities within the community for all to reach greater levels of self-sufficiency while working towards their own personal life goals.


Carey Services has enjoyed nearly 60 years of growth helping individuals from age 0 to 100 achieve milestones as well as serving their families.


Shirley Luce worked for the Carey Services in the late 1970's and early 80's. “She was very active in the community and strongly promoted us,” said Mark Draves, former CEO of Carey Services. Shirley and her husband Dick moved to Marion due to his job as Master Mechanic at GM. They raised their two sons in Marion and became extended family of Carey Services. They moved to Maine in the mid 80’s after retiring. When Shirley died unexpectedly a few years later, members of the Marion community suggested that a fund for Carey Services be established in her name at the Community Foundation.


Carey Services provides multiple programs for the members of the community. The Early Head Start Program is federally funded and supports families with children under three years old and pregnant women who meet the income guidelines. It works to ensure that children with disabilities receive quality comprehensive services.


The organization provides Day Services to teach daily activities and life skills to individuals. Carey Services owns and operates five group homes where individuals are given the opportunity to live together and learn together. It also offers supported living where individuals receive support from the staff and part-time employment opportunities.


Carey Services has employment councilors and trainers who work with businesses in the community to place individuals with disabilities at those locations. It is the 12th largest employer in Grant County, employing 330 individuals. “The individuals are choosing to be busy, love working and are proud of their work,” said Jim Allbaugh, President and CEO of Carey Services.


This fund has allowed Carey Services to continue to grow and serve more individuals every year. “I believe there needs to be supportive opportunities for people with disabilities just like there are for everyone else, like transportation or employment,” said Allbaugh. Carey Services has helped to make a more integrated community for individuals with disabilities.


Fund Impact:
Carey Services

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