C. Eugene Cockrell Scholarship Funds


Fund Purpose:
The purpose of this fund is to provide scholarships for Grant County graduates attending IWU.


Fund Story:
Thelma Jacobs Loer started the C. Eugene Cockrell Scholarship fund in honor of her former pastor and founder of Lakeview Wesleyan Church. This scholarship is to benefit Lakeview Christian School graduates who attend IWU and demonstrate a financial need based on accepted IWU standards.


Fund Impact:

2004-2005: 2005-2006: 2006-2007: 2007-2008:
Janna Pearson David Francis David Francis Yves Sallade
Kelsey Whitton Jodi Turnbull Olivia Lewton Lyra Skinner
Calen Roome Jodi Turnbull Cassandra Turner
2008-2009: Blair Skinner 2010-2011: 2011-2012:
Christen Knight Charlene Redwine Charlene Redwine
John Nave 2014-2015:
Kadisia Whelan
Jacob Dickerson
Charlene Redwine


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 $ 5,981.46
Funding type:Community Impact

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